I have to go to university tomorrow why am I up drawing turtles

(Ps I have a soft spot for donnie in glasses goodBYE)

My art has never reached that point before is it actually starting to look good unbelievable


What is all this? They were watching me? All this time... Why? Why did they put me in here? What am I? What am I?!

My tablet fried so I won’t be able to post any digital art for a while

But are you guys still interested in seeing some of my traditional works?


My ass

*crawls in* I'm here to say I really like your art, but I'm too shy to come off anon, meep. *covers eyes*

Nonononn don’t be shy sweetie I’m just as shy as you!! But thank you .///.

Howdy-hoo! Wassup?

Not much, yourself?

I'm Grace and I live in small town Iowa which is super boring. I guess I feel like I don't have a purpose but that is whatever. I like to paint and listen to music and stuff. Idk if you care sorry. Anyways hey :)

Hey grace it’s really nice to meet you! You sound like such a sweet person and I’m sure you’ll find your purpose soon enough! And what do you like to paint? I’d love to see your paintings.

yo!! how are you?? :)

Aahh I’m ok, have a minor headache but I’m ok! How about you?